About Roma Windsor:

Just two years after opening the ROMA Evans location the opportunity to expand again arose, this time in Windsor. After inquiring into an ad on Craigslist and several months of negotiations, a leasing agreement was reached. What appeared at first glance to be a quick remodel began with the removal of six different types of flooring. Next, was the complete gutting of the kitchen, followed by brightening and re-lighting a dark dining room, then freshening up the bathrooms with new paint and tile. The bar area, one space thought to not need much change, became an opportunity for Toni to learn how to use some power tools and CJ to add his wood working skills to create a truly unique bar. A family project began with the purchase of 52 pallets. Chris broke the pallets down and sorted the boards by width. Toni and CJ worked as a team to “artistically” build the pallet wall that adorns the bar area. With a huge stack of pallet wood left, Toni put her new power tool skills back to work to create three large pallet wood signs hung throughout the restaurant. The final touch, a clock made from rolling pins, was added just before ROMA Windsor opened. If you were one of 2,000+ students in Vivian Watson’s Kindergarten classroom, during the past 33 years in Greeley, you mostly likely used one of the clock’s rolling pins to make your own pizza from play-dough. ROMA Windsor opened on October 26, 2015 to the public and continues to serve Windsor seven days a week for lunch and dinner!
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